Who I Am (or so I thought)

Throughout my life, football has been a passion of mine. I loved football (still do). I watched football. I wanted to be a football player. It is who I thought I was. I did everything I thought I could in order to play football.

I was very small kid back in elementary school. I was so small, the youth football league decided that I was too small to play. I was not even close to the minimum requirement. It was one of the most disappointing days in my life. They said that I could play flag football instead. I did that for 5 years. Then came 7th grade.

In middle school football, there is no weight requirement. I was the smallest person on the team, but I was determined to succeed. I worked just as hard as everyone else on the team if not harder. Even the coaches saw that. I was the starting halfback for the “B team”.

I was finally fulfilling the purpose that I thought I had. I was at my peak after one game. Little did I know, I would get a concussion in four days that would last for more than three months. My plan was trashed. The idea of being a football player was out of the picture.

I started managing the team instead. I had the same amount of fun as I did when I was playing. I am now in my sixth season of managing sports for Center Grove. God lead me through all of it.

Sometimes God puts something on our hearts that we really enjoy. We just have to use that passion correctly. There may be road blocks like I had, but God will not give us anything that we cannot handle. In fact, Paul wrote about that when he wrote Philippians 4:13. He said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. He will get us through what he puts in front of us. God has a purpose for all of us. We just need to find it. If you don’t know what God wants you to do, just ask him. More times than not, it will lead to making yourself happy and making God proud. As long as we follow the road of the passion that God gives us, our destination will be reached.